Paint Facts

BIG-BOY Airbrush Co.
Some facts about our painting methods
1)  Every Paint job is sanded flat (blocked) and primer sealed if needed.

2)  2 coats of adhesion promoter /sealer is applied to ensure a good bond of base and clears.

3)  Base coats are then applied. This is where the magic starts. Special effects and coatings to give your paint a unique effect. The base coats are then sealed with a mid coat clear.

4)  Followed with graphics designs, airbrushing, art work, stripping, additional colors, transparencies, pearls, candies, etc. required to obtain your custom ordered designs

5)  Minimum of 4 coats of Mid to High Solid Clear coats are applied over all work, murals, stripping etc., to seal everything in, leaving coats of clear to protect the complete paint job. If needed another 3 coats of clear maybe added after flat wet sanding prior clear in order to bury graphics.

6)  Then the final clear coat is finished with a 4 step wet sanding process, from 1000 grit paper and ending with a 3000 grit paper.

7)  Completing the job is done by using a 3 step polishing process to give an unbelievable mirror like finish

Our Paint lines: We use the following brands of automotive finish systems for different applications.

Base Paints : The following paint products are used for our base colors

Matrix – Sherwin Williams Sunfire  –  RM/ Diamont      –      Limco     –     PPG     –     Metalux     –    Medallion


Sems Candy Concentrate semscandy


House of Kolor Candy Concentrates

Clear Coats:

The following clear coat product lines are used:

sherwinwmSherwin Williams Fast Clear

clear picPerfecoat Systems

Medallion Clear Coats

Pinstripe Paints:

Alpha 6 Striping Enamels

alpha paint bottles

Alphanamels logo

Ronan Pinstripe Enamels

1 Shot Striping Enamels

One Shot

Kustom Creative Urethane Striping Paints

Acrylic water-based Paints by:

web line

Big Boy Airbrush Co.

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