Airbrush Lessons

“Airbrush Lessons”

Exclusively by: Airbrush Artist; Big Boy

If you desire to learn how to airbrush, why not have the top airbrush artist in Florida teach you?

About the Instructor:

Big Boy has been in the commercial airbrushing industry for over 45 years and has experience in many fields such as automotive, Motorcycle and Marine. Large scale Wall Murals, Illustration, Signage, and Textiles.

Big Boy has painted on most surfaces so he can offer instruction on almost any application. He has also taken many top awards for his work and many of the cars and motorcycles he has painted have been show winners. The knowledge that Big Boy offers is from first hand experience not from a text book.

How can I get personal lessons?

Easy, call or email Big Boy. You may contact Big Boy at 727-514-3300 Mon through Friday between 9am and 5pm or email Big Boy at I will need to know your name, age, and phone number. Also what type of equipment you have if any(not needed). I will set up an appointment with you at your convenience.

Do I need to be an artist?

No, not really but if you are it is an added bonus. You can effectively create outrageous pieces of art with stenciling techniques that I can teach you to master. Master the art of airbrushing. I will show you simple techniques that will amaze you. It doesn’t matter if you can draw a straight line or have any art experience at all. Anyone with some hand eye coordination can use an airbrush, whether it be for hobby or commercial use.

What if I want to learn a specific area for utilizing the airbrush?

No Problem! All techniques are basically the same. It is the paint mediums and surface prep that usually differs. I have airbrushed just about everything you can imagine. Here below are just a few of the areas that I can teach you in:

1) Automotive Paint 2) Gallery/Fine arts 3) T-Shirt/ Fabric 4) Wood/Furniture
5) Metal surfaces 6) Glass surfaces 7) Vinyl / Leather 8) Plastics
9) Int / Ext-Walls 10) Ceramic/Cement

What do I need?

If you do not have any equipment yet, I will guide you as to what to purchase.
(These items can be purchased at anytime….you can learn on my equipment and supplies at no extra charge before investing to be sure you like this type of art) Your only investment will be the time for the class. Of course, to practice, you will need your own equipment.

If you wish to purchase an airbrush click here> Big Boy On-line Store

Items you will need to get started as an Airbrush Artist if you decide you desire to go forward: (I can advise you on each item needed)
1) a dual action airbrush (Talon, even an in-expensive Zero Point, Paasche’s are the choice gun though)
2) a good size compressor with air holding tank ( Min 5 Gal  (the small cheap vibrator ones are useless)
3) Your choice of paint mediums / cups and bottles
4) Practice paper no smaller than 18×24
5) an easel to prop up the paper
6) proper cleaning supplies for type of paint you use
7) 3-5 gallon wash bucket and rags
8) a few sheets of poster board
9) cutting knives ( exact-o or snap offs)
10) good lighting and well vented area
11) a OSHA approved face mask
12) a desire to learn

Also….I suggest an OSHA approved face mask. Call me if you need info on this.

What will I learn?

Big Boys Airbrush Workshop Includes;

1) Learning about your tools. Dis-assembly and re-assembly of the airbrush gun
2) Cleaning and Maintenance of your Equipment. How to take good care of your equipment to ensure long life and smooth performance.
3) Materials and their uses. What paints are used for each surface and where to find them.
4) What’s available and where to get it.
5) Airbrush Control. Learn the basics of controlling your airbrush and you will be on your way to mastering it. Bill will show you some simple techniques that are the basic fundamentals of every artwork you will create. The 3 basic moves of the airbrush ( This involves techniques of control and accuracy as well as the famous rat-tail stroke)
6) Shading and blending lessons.

The following are taught in more advanced lessons if you desire to continue lessons after learning the basics above:
5) Freehand as well as stencil techniques.
6) Learn how to draw,cut, and use various types of stencils.
7) Masking materials and their uses. Substrates and their preparation.
8) Putting together all knowledge to produce a small Beach mural.

How much does it cost?

You get a 2 hour class for $160.00 (one on one personal lesson) * Please pay Cash or PayPal+3.5%*

**a $20 deposit required up front to secure a date!! (Can be paid by stopping in or via PayPal online.

Where are the Lessons held?

At my Studio location in North West Jacksonville, Fl. (see address on my contact page)

When are Lessons available?

Due to extreme heat or cold…Lessons are booked for the following months only:

September 1st thru November 12th  or March 1st the May 30th

I can accommodate a weekday morning around 9 or 10am starting times, and if a few weeks in advance notice a Saturday morning can be attained.

How many sessions will it take?

It will depend upon many factors. How much you desire to know and learn, as well, your ability to grasp the basics. How much you practice. Most people enjoy – 1 (2Hr) session.

What if I need more info then this?

Call or E-mail Big Boy

Phone: 727-514-3300 (9am – 5pm Mon thru Fri)


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