Name: Bill (aka: Big Boy)

Job Description / Skills: Business Owner, Professional Artist , Author

How many years Airbrushing: Since 1978, one of the original pioneers.

Favorite things to Paint: Custom Cars and Motorcycles, Helmets…Anything!

Hobbies other than Art work: Body Building/member of the 20″ + arm club. Muscle Cars and Hot Rods. Computer games.(Call of Duty)

E-mail: bigboyairbrush@yahoo.com

Favorite Quote: “Failure is not a dead end, but rather a detour.”

Comments: Big Boy has painted and airbrushed on just about everything known to man and is extremely diversified in all levels of art. He has been a master instructor in airbrushing for over 45 years and has been an independent professional since 1978. He loves his work and the joy it gives others.

Florida’s Renowned multi award winning Airbrush & Pinstriping Artist Located in Jacksonville Fl.

5 Star Google Rating!

Big Boy was born in Amityville, Long Island, New York in January of 1960. As early as first grade, he was drawing and winning awards throughout all of his elementary school years in projects displaying his artistic talents. At 16 he had a passion for cars, as do most young men. He then began to combine his talent and love of art, with his love for cars. Throughout his high school years he spent most of his time doing cartooning and playing around with automotive paint projects.

By the age of 18 he was popular in his hometown of Lindenhurst New York, as an automotive pin-striper and airbrush artist. Upon graduating high school, Bill expanded his talent and having been self taught in the following fields: Hand Painted Pin-striping, Airbrush Art, Glass Etching, Lettering, & Signs.

Big Boy has many accounts in car dealerships for pin-striping, as well as accounts with glass and mirror companies for artistic glass etching. He quickly became popular among the show car circuits. Bill enjoyed a life doing what he loved and getting paid for it. There was one thing that was missing in Bill’s life in New York, his other desire and passion for the tropics!

In the spring of 1986 at the age of 26, he moved his family to Tampa Bay, Florida. Upon moving there, he quickly established himself as a prominent leader in the artistic Custom Automotive World in Tampa Bay Florida. He became well known and sought after by automotive & Motorcycle enthusiasts for his incredible ability to produce award winning outstanding photo quality artistic murals. People from every end of the state of Florida was seeking his talents, as well from outside the state of Florida via shipping.

In 2020, Big Boy Airbrush permanently relocated to Jacksonville Florida, where he quickly dominated the field once again. Customers still travel from all corners of Florida as well as other neighboring states, to have Big Boy Airbrush customize their rides.

He airbrushes and hand pinstripes with great proficiency in all areas of automotive art. He is a multi award winning artist and renowned in Florida for his airbrush techniques on automotive vehicles, motorcycles, and just about everything else, from cartoon to photo realism illustration.

He can be reached at 727-514-3300 and by E-Mail at: bigboyairbrush@yahoo.com

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